Delivering Big Impact In TECHNOLOGY

Thank you for choosing ValueBeam. We take pride in creating lasting value through flexible, simple, secured, beautiful and dynamic solutions that power ideas, people and organizations.

Delivering Big Impact In

Thank you for choosing ValueBeam. We take pride in creating lasting value through flexible, simple, secured, beautiful and dynamic solutions that power ideas, people and organizations.

We are a digital solutions and brand development company that deploys simple, secured, flexible, beautiful unique and reliable solutions that powers ideas, people and organisations while making life better for all

We help power ideas, businesses and people. unleashing full potentials through modern and functional software and web solutions. Learn more about our Software/Web Design and Development service.

We help businesses thrive online through effective e-commerce strategy, development, execution and management services. Learn more about our E-Commerce service.

We help businesses find, attract and convert their target audience through an effective and time-tested digital marketing methodology. Learn more about our Digital Marketing service.

We help both new and existing businesses stand out creatively and communicate effectively through inspiring branding and creative services. Learn more about our Branding service.

We are a reliable, innovative and trusted company helping Businesses, organisations and people through general contracts in Project management.

We provides classroom-based and corporate training courses in Software/Web Design/Development, Digital Marketing, Branding and Creativity. Read more

Web Design and Development

We help ideas and businesses unleash their full potentials through modern, responsive and dynamic designs that makes them standout.

Digital Marketing

we will help you find, attract and convert target audience to paying customers through an effective and time-tested digital marketing methods.

Training Services

We provide updated and trending corporate training courses in core Web Design/Development, Branding and Digital Marketing.

ValueBeam Products

Online Examination Result System

Value Beam iResult System is a powerful online School/College students & results management system. This plugin allows you to manage and publish students results. This is a School/College students & results management system that was created to make delivery of student results more convenient. 

You can easily Add/Edit/Delete Students, Results, Class, Group, Exam, Year, Extra field, Custom Result Rules, Auto calculations and much more.

Get our iResult System today. Comes with a free website for your school. 


At ValueBeam, we follow a defined process in managing all our projects. The duration of most projects is usually between 8 to 12 weeks. Actual duration however depends on the scope of the project. Below are the processes.

Chat to understand client

We collaborate with you to understand your business and your objective for the project.


Once the project team has been briefed, the UI Designer(s) come up with mockup designs of the project.

Quality assurance and testing

After the development phase comes QA and testing phase. The developed project goes through thorough tests.

Analysis and planning

After gaining a good understanding of the project brief, we kick off the Planning phase.


Once the client has signed off all design elements, the developers spring into action, making the designs ‘functional’.

Launch & technical supports

Once all QA tests are passed and project confirmed great by the client, the project is deployed and technical supports are rendered as agreed.

We work to make life better

Have any project you want us to work with you on? we don't just work for you, we work with you to ensure we exceed your expectations. @Valuebeam, we value you.

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