If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic or by the road side waiting for a delayed bus or taxi after a long day at the office, the chances are pretty decent that you’ve fantasized about working remotely at least once or twice.

Telecommuting, one of the better terms for working remotely seems to be the perfect arrangement for workers in dozens of industries. Companies that encourage and support remote work often report higher levels of employee retention and engagement, reduced turnover, higher employee satisfaction, increased productivity and growth.

The pandemic is a big reminder that, despite the best-laid plans for even the biggest of companies, there is much beyond our control. The essence of adaptability is finding ways to respond to the unpredictable, the different, uncertain, and novel by swapping old ways for workarounds or improvements.

Valuebeam has advocated the importance of remote presence for companies long before the disruption of covid-19 which forced companies to allow employees to work from home. (WFH)

Every company can implement full, half, or partial remote working strategy.

With the invention of Information Communication Technologies such as videoconferencing platforms like zoom, google hangouts, Skype, microsoft teams etc, collaboration applications such as Trello, slack, and cloud services keep people connected and allow them to have meetings and complete projects from anywhere with proper supervision.

Here are 8 benefits of remote work to employees and employers.

  1. Better work-life balance.
    Working from home allows employees and employers to have time for family and other things that matter to them.
    without remote work, one had to go to the office to get their work done, some employees are staying far from their families just because of work while some go through hectic traffic to get to work and back spending so much time commuting that should be used productively.
    Remote work allows employees to have better work-life balance and adds hours back into their days.
  2. Remote work boosts employee morale: Employees with a good work-life balance are often more productive, happier and more willing to bring in new talent. Remote work could give your workplace a major morale boost.
  3. Employee freedom: Remote working employees have more freedom and flexibility to work, making them more comfortable and creative on their job. It helps keep employees happy, engaged, and fulfilled.
  4. Remote work promotes employee well-being
    With no commute, no lunch rush, and no long hours in the office away from family or friends, working remotely can improve the health and wellness of employees by reducing stress—and limiting exposure to potentially sick coworkers.
  5. Productivity Boost: Data shows that when employees are able to skip the extra coffee breaks, a long commute, and any other distractions to focus on their work, their productivity increases drastically.
  6. Reduce expenses: Keeping fewer employees in the office cuts business operation cost and capital. Large offices cost alot of money, they need furniture, employees will need to have coffee, water and snacks through the day. There’s also the cost of power, internet, toiletries and lots of equipment. It is not easy for startups to cover all the costs and grow their business that’s why many money-savvy founders have decided to skip the big office and let people work remotely to save cost.
  7. Makes businesses more competitive: Remote working strategy helps businesses hire experts at a minimal cost and get ahead of competition because of the quality of team they have access to.
  8. Remote work boost companies hiring and retention ability.
    Most professionals prefer remote work as it allows them focus on other things too, a company that operates remote work is attractive to job seekers and employees of such company are unlikely to resign their jobs as it takes only a fraction of their daily time.

For further enquiry on successful migration to remote working strategy, contact for consultancy services, infrastructural set up and training for remote working strategy.

Edited by NASTIN MFENA GWAZA – WordPress developer – Valuebeam LTD

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  1. Nastin Mfena

    This article is spot on. Reminds everyone of the importance of adapting to the new normal.

  2. Jonathan Taylor

    Good post. WFH is indeed the best.

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