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According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 80% crash and burn.

Today we have distinguished ourselves from the above 80% failures, we started with nothing, no money, no clients, no networks but we stayed hungry and passionate why creating solutions believing everyday that tommorow is our good day.

Valuebeam staff
Valuebeam Team

I remember how we had to do dirty chores for others to be able to push the brand, today Valuebeam is 2years old and looking at how far we have come without any funding or external support system, how we have been disappointed, cheated, denied opportunities, how we have failed together as a team, cried privately together, but we never contemplated giving up the vision,We are glad to say thank you to God, family and everyone who has encouraged us to keep pushing.

special thanks to Rev. Peter Azuana who has been of imence motivation for believing in us and granting us the opportunity to live our dreams, thanks to the NKST leadership and community, our father Rev. Shir Ephraim, you are indeed a good father.

special thanks to Brown Elezua Innocent who gave me education at University of mkar, sir you thought me that anybody can be somebody.

Thanks to our wonderful team for doggedness, commitment to the vision for a digital society where people live without fear, stress and shame.

Josiah Ovye Yahaya I know you know you are the best CTO in Africa and one of the best in the world. Tsaker Joseph, you are a smart guy committed to learning fast and practicing+you are a smart Accountant, Fyanka Muriel, you are the best friend and Secretary ever, working with you has changed my life.

Josy, remembering how many times we turned down paying job opportunities especially those referred by family and friends just to keep building the brand, reminds me of how much people care for our progress so we have more work to do bro.

This is to apologise to those we have failed severally but never gave up on us, special thanks to Arc Nguvan Godeymysyd Kyenge for supporting our dreams, thanks to my boss Arc. Achado Asema for believing in us and consistently patronising us.

Thanks to our mentors and spiritual guides for standing behind us.
thank you to Family and friends for believing in us.
Thank you, thank you to everyone we have not mentioned
@Valuebeam we value you all.

Some moments of the anniversary in pictures

Laugh moments @valuebeam
Valuebeam md & CTO
Valuebeam MD & CTO

Daniel Tsaker – CEO/MD

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