Value vs Money creation

Conceptual 3d randering of a silver brass scale measuring house and money

Money comes to those who create value.

The main aim of business or leadership is to create value and make money. The main reason for business is not supposed to be money but value creation (solution provision). Money is the result of value creation.

Imagine the days of trade by barter when there was no cash or coin but people simply exchanged value.

There are two types of Leaders, be it in business, government or family etc. there are those who inspire us and those who manipulate us. A guy met me convincing me to join his multi level marketing company and he was telling me all the benefits and how much money i will make if only i can bring a certain amount of money and bring people to join under me, i asked him what is the value his company is creating and how different is it from what we already have and he only stammered.

Value creation is simply a phrase for describing solutions, problem solving, impact of a product or service to the customer or client, those who inspire us seek to help solve our problems but manipulators seek to take from us without or with less value, their goals are contrasting, one is passionate about making a difference where as one is out to get your money, votes, property or what ever selfish reasons.

The first is about the people while manipulators only think about themselves.

In the business arena, manipulators seem to be dominant at the start but they dont last long, even in political leadership, the people whom we mention their names today are the ones who left a positive mark in our lives, people who Provided solutions to our problems, people like Nelson Madiba Mandela of south Africa, people like mother theresa, steve jobs etc. This are people who inspired us but those who manipulated us and made lots of money on us, some of them died and their names were buried with them.

There is an oh god person and a thank God person, an oh god person is one who is a problem to be solved but a thank God person is the solution to our problem. There is a man whose name hardly dies, one whose name opens doors and there is one whose name closes opportunities, who do you want to be? A problem solver (value creator) or a lier and disguised thief (manipulator)?

In marketing campaign time we see lots of marketers come and lie just to sell and get our votes.

That has been the status quo but we as the generation of innovation ought to change that narrative and create outstanding value through people and for people.

Sustainable and renewable value that changes the cause of our generation and proffers specific solutions to the problems of our people.

Corruption in business can be said to be taking money without adding or creating value as the case may be, a police man may take money from commuters on the road and make alot of money but because he did not add value for the money he is collecting, it is corruption, nothing builds a Nation like citizens with a mindset for value creation.

When Value creators emerge, they transform transportation system, education, military, businesses, ideas and people, the question is where are the value creators when every one seeks to create wealth without necessarily creating value.

From today, choose to focus on value creation and money will come to you effortlessly.

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