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Nigerian schools today are encountering many challenges, ranging from increasing administrative costs to finding innovative, easy and better ways to impact knowledge and curb financial leakages. These and many other problems are hindering so many school proprietors from attaining the aims and objectives their schools were set up to achieve.

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The stress of saving students data securely for easy retrieval is faced by every school that has not gone digital. Incidence of lost files due to natural disasters, careless handling and other unforeseen circumstances have been reported times without number.

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Risk avoidant-savvy institutions have deployed digital systems which are helping them to cut cost of time, and financial resources. For instance, a school with a simple electronic payment system will require the services of fewer number of cashiers or accountants, and at the same time be assured of greater efficiency. Schools with portals that have an additional student online course registration have been proven to be able to start off academic work earlier than their counterparts without any. Therefore, affording students in those institutions more time and ease to study.

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In short, apart from a computer lab, a functional, smart school portal is the most important digital requirement for any modern school. 

ValueBeam has developed and is deploying a smart, flexible, robust, secured and easy to use digital school management system for secondary and tertiary schools called iSchool plus.

Schools on the iSchool platform benefit from reduced administrative wastage, enjoy flexible fee payment and registration processes, transform traditional result storage/presentation through automation, easier communication and increase collaboration between students, teachers, parents and school management. iSchool also takes care of the lack of Electronic Record keeping tool (File manager), Finance mismanagement and lack of Accountability, poor communication and digital illiteracy, stressful exam compilation and lack of students/Alumni database records.

Features and modules of ISchool

eAdmission – process your school admission seamlessly online, make it easy for students to apply for admission from any parts of the world.

eRegistration– No more stress as students can register for courses online without having to join queues that waste productive time and put stress on teachers and admin.

eLibrary– iSchool comes handy with a reservoir of resources for academic research and development. Schools can upload as much books as possible to the library system that comes with iSchool

ePayments – we are implementing cashless transaction policy in schools to aid transparency and block leakages via iSchool’s epay.

eWallet – now students can save extra money for payments anytime the need arises using iSchool eWallet feature.

eTransacts : iSchool comes with an integrated accounting system that automates tedious accounting processes in schools while enhancing transparency.

eCompiler: with iSchool, teachers don’t go through the stress of calculating exams and assessment scores as the system automatically  compiles and compute results on the go

eResults – good bye to the days of report cards, notice board results checking as parents and students can view results on the iSchool portal with all assessment recorded

eChats – iSchool provides a chat forum for students and the entire school community to Foster integration and ease of communication

eMessanger – gone are the days of written letters and difficulty in communication. With iSchool, admins and students can send messages directly to anyone on the system and get replies using the iSchool eMessanger module

eFiles – iSchool erases the fear of losing data to water, fire or other unforeseen circumstances. We deploy a robust database for electronic file management.

Bulk SMS and email – keeping tabs of what goes on in a school is very vital for upgrade, iSchool comes integrated with bulk SMS API to enhance easy communication using SMS and emails.

eNoticeboard – No need for students, teachers and other stakeholders in a school community to necessarily visit the notice board as iSchool comes handy with electronic notice board.

iLumni – An integrated Alumni portal on iSchool keeps data of all old students on the iSchool X system.

eTranscript – Students can now process and get their transcript in few minutes using the iSchool system.

iExit – with this module, schools can handle exit permissions and classroom attendance easily.

iSkills – schools on iSchool benefit from our regular digital skills trainings. This trainings prepare students for self reliance and sustainability, while upgrading them to digitally smart students, teachers and admins.

iSchool site – we also provide schools with a professional and properly managed website that boost their online image and enable them standout

iSchool Mobile App – this is a easy to install, easy to use app, installed on mobile devices.

Imagine an entire school in the palm of your hand!
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