Becoming an Innovative person


Innovation is the ability to go beyond the norm and introduce something new, something different, something unique and more creative than the existing. Innovation is simply solving problems in a new way, thinking different and getting more results with less time, its using less resources to accomplish uncommon results, its being able to introduce ideas that push our generation beyond and creating possibilities where others saw problems. Innovation is saying no to obstacles and YES to limitlessness…

Steps to becoming an Innovative person

1. Have a life phylosophy : a life phylosophy is a belief system that inspires, governs and drives our lives, i love Apple so much, not just because they are the most valuable company in the world but because of their phylosophy, apple believes according to steve jobs that “the people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who do” your life phylosophy controls your decisions and influences your values, it dictates your associations and motivates your actions, it consistently pushes you to go beyond the norm, it creates a hunger to achieve more and be more.

2. Have a mantra: your mantra is a word or a phrase that describes what you believe and stand for, for example at Fix-Now initiative, our mantra is “together we can” in everything we do we believe together we can make the world a better place for all of us. Nike’s mantra is “just do it”, Toyota says good thinking, good products. Your mantra becomes a motivation and guiding principle for what you do for example at valuebeam, our mantra is “making life better” this inspires us and reminds us that whatsoever we are doing must standout and add value to humanity. This mantra pushes us to go beyond whatever has been to what could possibly be. It reminds us that in all we do we must make life better, this has helped us to reject and choose carefully what we work on and who to work with at all times. So in order to be innovative you should have an inspiring mantra.

3. Do what you love: i always tell people to find what they love and work on it, Steve jobs taught us this in his words when he said “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on” there is no way we can be innovative and give our best at what we do not enjoy doing. Have you ever imagined 2face idibia as a footballer? He will struggle, but end up been a failure but in music he is a king.

society, has taught us a few professions we must study in school if we want to be successful in life, the academic system does not help us in finding what we love, as a result youths spend years in school studying courses they hate, people wake up everyday going to jobs they do not like and answering to bosses that do not inspire them so generally our society is in confusion,

Finding what you love is the beginning of innovation and creativity, you cant be your best at what you hate. Find it.

4. Create a network of people who share your beliefs: there is something about staying around people who inspire you, people who believe in what you are doing, do not always stay around pessimistic people, they do not see possibilities, their minds are too small to conceive big ideas. A friend told me once that if i stay around 4 millionaires for sometime, i will possibly be the next millionaire, it is the same with innovation, stay around innovative people and you will be inspired to think different.

5. Have faith in the supernatural (God): ideas are invisible, intangible and you do not force them into your mind, they come easily as thoughts, have you asked yourself where the air you breath come from? Ideas are like air, you do not know where they come from and you can not tell where they are going, my biggest inspiration comes from The word of God, ideas are spiritual hence they cannot be touched or seen physically, they come freely. In my study of some of the biggest brands in the world, i realised that most of the brands were started and led by deeply spiritual people, some were Jews, Buddist, some Christians and some Muslims etc. In order to access and tap into generational shifting ideas we must be deeply rooted in a spiritual deity to acquire revelations that will shift the cause of a generation, it is to this end that i have dedicated one whole chapter in my book (StandOut) to discus the God factor from a christian perspective as it relates idea creation, innovation and generational impacts. An understanding of the supernatural and a deep rooted relationship with the creator, pushes us beyond the status qou of complaints and pity party to see and think like the creator whom i believe as a christian that He thought and spoke the world into being. My being one with Him as the bible thought me has created an uncommon high self esteem that makes me believe i can do and be all things through Christ.

6. Always think different: Do not limit yourself by thinking in a box, always imagine how else can things be achieved better, think what has not been done, do what is not been done but let your mind be focused on results, be diverse in your thinking and do not be scared to try something new.

7. Exist for something bigger than money and a job: those who pursue money work for those who pursue value, you have to wake up everyday passionate about making a difference and solving a human problem and money will come to you effortlessly. Innovative companies are built by people who are in a quest to shift limits to possibilities not people interested in making money alone. Steve jobs had this answer when he was asked the question; What is Apple, after all? He said: Apple is about people who think ‘outside the box,’ people who want to use computers to help them change the world, to help them create things that make a difference, and not just to get a job done. Everywhere i go, what ever i do, i communicate one thing, i tell people and show them by my works that  i am here to POWER IDEAS, PEOPLE AND ORGANISATIONS and that is how Valuebeam is making life better.

8. Have an open mind to learning: do not always assume you know all and that you need no one, read books, consult people and attend meetings and seminars to learn new ways and like i said earlier, our thoughts are inspired by our sight, feelings, smell and taste so the more you are exposed to new information, the better Creative and innovative thinker you will become.

9. Become a positive person: some of us grew up being thought negativity, we think negative and anticipate worst situations to happen, no wonder our lives are pulled towards negativity, like in my country there are people who believe they are poor and they answer greetings with poverty ( u nder nena? Ka ciam tser: how are you? Its only poverty). Do not live like these kind of people, always see the brighter and better side of things, see the best in people and help them become that best, inspire people to be more, and do more rather than complain about them and put them down. The greatest brands are the ones who understood the needs of people, they are not given to complaints or excuses but take responsibility to create products and services that proffered solutions and the more problems you solve the more you are paid. Solutions do not come from people of negative mindset but people of high positive mentality and self esteem, people who see themselves saddled with the responsibility to bring change to status quo. Stop complaining and start solving problems, that is the biggest opportunity for innovation – Value creation.

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