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Here are six boxes to check for a logo to be professional.

  1. Simplicity – simple is the new complex, don’t over complicate things, amateur designers try to showcase everything in a logo but this is not Professional, the harder part of design is minimalism.
  2. Uniqueness – what sells a brand is it’s difference from others, a unique logo is set apart, memorable and unforgettable
  3. Beauty: everyone loves a creative and beautiful logo design, carefully choose the colors and ensure the design is sleek and cute
  4. Comprehensive: your logo should have easily interpretable meaning and relevance to the brand message as it is the embodiment and face of the entire brand
  5. Flexibility: it should be versatile such that it can be used anywhere on anything in different sizes and colors to promote the brand.
  6. Timelessness: a professional logo remain relevant at all times and seasons

Here is an example of a creative and professional logo Valuebeam designed for GeeWood, a start-up furniture company in Abuja – Nigeria.

Note that the logo is simple, beautiful, comprehensive, unique, timeless and flexible but lot’s of attention to details have been put in by our team in order to tick all the six principles of a professional logo design discussed above.

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